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Pug Bantha

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so funny had to repost


“Comic Sans”

yes agree, strongly agree :)

“Revolving Door”

I love this song :) #firstaidkit (Taken with Instagram)

how to be cool 

hehehe had to repost this so true i want an impala.
So I want these boots pretty awesome :) #vincecamuto #boots (Taken with Instagram)
What I purchased today super excited about using my color pencils :) and happy that I found a sharpener and color pencil blender! (Taken with Instagram)
My illustration projects had to mimic an illustrator so I decided to go for Shepard  Fairey #charcoal # #marker #audreyhepburn #shepardfairey #roylichtenstien #PicFrame (Taken with Instagram)

"Is your marriage the type when he dies you will throw yourself into the fire"

- Steve Carell, The Office


I’m only needy with my cats though.

Haha I feel like the cat sometimes :)